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    Have you bought your Kindle yet? From Amazon to Sony to eBookWise, there are some wonderful devices for reading eBooks now on the market. Even if you don't like reading fiction on the computer, there are options for you. You can convert your books to Kindle, Sony or eBookWise or buy them directly from the Kindle and eBookWise stores. Fictionwise also recently bought so look for our books on soon.

    New Books

    We published one book in March--and if you act quickly there's still time to take advantage of the introductory $1 pricing.

    Damnation of the Realm coverDAMNATION OF THE REALM by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy. A warlock grows dangerously insane as he gathers power. Only his one-time ally, a Dread Knight, has a chance of stopping him. Only $1 until April 11, 2008.

    Coming in April, we're looking forward to publication of THE DREAD KNIGHT'S REDEMPTION by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy. REDEMPTION is the second volume in Calkins-Treworgy's compelling "Freedom or the Fire" series. Look for this in early April. Later in the month, Cathy Richard Dodson's compelling, gothic-flavored time travel romance, SANDS OF TIME and Amy Eastlake's latest Trailer Park mystery, STRONGGIRL RESCUE should be available. (If we're able to meet this schedule, it would be our first month with three publications).

    As always, you'll want to check back often to take advantage of our introductory pricing and to get the books when they're available nowhere else but directly from

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