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    New Books

    Still only $1 (until August 15)

    • FINDING FUNBOY by Matt Golec. Gus Frank doesn't worry much when his best friend John Francis (AKA Funboy) steals his bicycle. But when Funboy stays gone, and when Gus starts picking up hints that Funboy might have been involved with something dangerous, he has to look. What he finds definitely worries him. Very nicely written mystery.
    • SPRING RAIN ON THE WIND by Kristina O'Donnelly. An English warlock in league with an Indian shaman confront four generations of Celtic/Indian women in Colonial and early-Independent America. Powerful romance, exciting action, and lots of magic.

    Both of these eNovels are available for only $1--but only for the first month of availability. Regular pricing is a still-affordable $3.99.

    We're won't be publishing any new books in August but we'll be offering a lot of reviews and other information so check back often. What we'll also be doing is preparing a whole slew of books for release in the last four months of 2007. Look for new mysteries by Anthony Perham and Michael Paulson (and maybe a new mystery in the trailer trash series by Amy Eastlake), our first anthology--a series of connected fantasies set in Transylvania, and more.

    Our Contest

    This Month's Contest
    In Matt Golec's FINDING FUNBOY, Funboy steals something from Gus. What does he steal? Need a hint? Check here.. e-mail me the answer (at publisher 'at', replacing the 'at' with @ and eliminating the spaces) and I'll randomly select from the correct entries. The winning entry wins a free eBook of your choice from our catalog (only one book in a series, please).

    Last Month's Contest
    Last month we asked who (or what) is Wilma in Cathy Richard Dodson's A TEXAS BOUNTY. The answer--Wilma is a wallaby. Jamie knew the answer and she's our winner. Congratulations, Jamie.

    What's Happening

    • New Article
    • Listed on Amazon: Check out our Amazon store where you can buy books from our authors from this great retailer.
    • Speaking Engagements
      • Rob Preece
        • I'll be speaking at the Muse it Up On-Line conference (about in October. Check it out below.
      • Lea Schizaz
        • Lea Schizaz presents the 'Muse it Up on-line writer's conference." This is an incredible conference, ongoing from October 8-14 and it's FREE. Check it out or sign up here.
      • Michael Paulson
        • Michael Paulson is offering his novel DEADLY AGE in DVD format. This makes a perfect gift for someone who doesn't read, doesn't have a computer, or wants to share reading with someone else. Buy the DVD with the complete text for only $10--and I'll ship it to you for FREE. US only please. Learn more here.
    • Other authors--please send me your promotional and speaking engagements. I'll list them.

    I, and our authors, would love to meet with lots of you at one (or more) of these events.

    New Reviews We added reviews of the following books during July:

    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

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