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    Have you bought your Kindle yet? From Amazon to Sony to eBookWise, there are some wonderful devices for reading eBooks now on the market. Even if you don't like reading fiction on the computer, there are options for you. You can convert your books to Kindle, Sony or eBookWise or buy them directly from the Kindle and eBookWise stores.

    New Books

    We published two books in January--and if you act quickly there's still time to take advantage of the introductory $1 pricing.

    After the Dragon coverAFTER THE DRAGON by Wendy Palmer is a fantasy adventure--only $1 until February 12.
    REDOUBT OF GHOSTS by J. E Bruce is a time travel Science Fiction story, based in a near future where genetic terrorism threatens the human race. It's only $1 until February 28.

    Regular price for both of these books is $3.99.

    Coming in February, we're looking forward to publication of another new author, Joshua Calkins-Treworgy in his epic fantasy novel FREEDOM OR THE FIRE and the urban fantasy/romance A REALLY BAD HAIR DAY by Rob Preece. A REALLY BAD HAIR DAY, by the way, is set in the same universe as Preece's IN THE WEREWOLF'S DEN and (free) short story, "A Tactical Error." We're still doing the final edits for FREEDOM and it's possible we'll release this in a two-book set. I'll keep you posted.

    As always, you'll want to check back often to take advantage of our introductory pricing and to get the books when they're available nowhere else but directly from

    Our Contest

    This Month's Contest
    Check every month for the lastest contest--and a chance to win a free eBook of your choice from our publishing list. Answer the question, send the answer to us by e-mail, and we'll randomly pick the winner from the list of correct answers.

    Last month's question was "In VEIL OF THE GODDESS by Rob Preece, Ivy Newland and Zack Herrera find something surprising under a bombed mosque in Iraq. What is it?" The answer--The True Cross. DawnM was randomly selected from among the correct entrants and she wins a copy of her choice of any of our eBooks. Congratulations, Dawn.

    This month's question: In REDOUBT OF GHOSTS, time-traveler Jes gathered genetic samples from bodies at ancient battles. Name one of the two battles where he collected such samples. (Need a hint? Check here.) If you think you know the answer, send it to me at publisher "@" (removing the quotes and spaces).

    What's Happening

    New Reviews We added reviews of the following books during January:


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    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

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