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    News and Events

    Welcome to the February edition of the newsletter.

    Apple is promoting electronic textbooks, Amazon is talking about opening brick and mortar stores, Microsoft is suing Barnes and Noble about the Nook Color... sounds like the world of digital publishing continues to be exciting and fast-evolving. Like many in the industry, I'm concerned about the recent attempt to impose broad restrictions on the web to contain piracy... but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned about piracy. Being an author is difficult. It involves hours of sitting down and leaking emotion onto the page when it would be so much more fun to hop away to Facebook or Farmville. I truly worry whether the publishing industry will survive the next ten years. Of course, I'm planning on being there... and putting out the best books we can.

    Rob Preece, Publisher

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    • Available in bookstores? Thanks to an agreement between printers, many of our books (the paperback versions) are now orderable through your local bookstore. Of course, they're also available through Amazon. Authors, you may be able to work with your local bookstore for signings. e-mail me if you have questions.

    Coming in February:

    In the not-too-distant future, government has been replaced by a combination of libertarian corporatism and largely benevelent online churches. Nobody goes hungry because food and other essentials can be constructed using the energy from the sun, carbon from the air, and water from rain (along with a few trace minerals, of course). When a wealthy software designer is murdered Police Corporation Detective Olivia Jardan discovers the dirty underside of what looks like an idylic world. Being a good cop, investigating a terrible crime, brings trouble to her, her family and even her friends. NANOCORPORATE by Rob Preece explores social and technological movements while delivering an exciting story. NANOCORPORATE will be on sale for only $1.00 during its first month of availability.

    This Month's Release:

    Third Contact by Kenneth E. Ingle cover Time is running out. THIRD CONTACT by Kenneth E. Ingle. is on sale for $1.00, but only until February 9. After that, it'll still be a bargain at $3.99. The only survivor from a planet destroyed by war, Joshua Penbrook finds and claims an abandoned spaceship, but the original owners accuse him of piracy. It's available in multiple eBook formats including ePub (Kindle, Kobo, etc.), Kindle, and eReader as well as HTML and PDF for PC reading.

    What our authors are up to

    New Reviews

    We added reviews of the following books during January:


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    The Blog

    I confess that I've been remiss on the Blog. Let me know if you're interested in hearing about the sometimes-exciting life of a micro-publisher. Otherwise, I'm gradually migrating to Facebook.

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