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    • BLOOD STAR: A SPACE VAMPIRE NOVEL by Rob Preece In a galaxy where Earth has retreated to a small sphere around Sol, and massive corporations rule the outer stars, just about anything can be bought or sold, including teenage girls. Kari Lorne lived a boring life in a broken-down lab on a run-down planetoid until the Security Corporation decided to eliminate the competition and pick up some slaves. Told by her mother to help her sister, Kari vows to find where she was taken and set her free... but she's got problems of her own... including being converted to a vampire, with a price on her head. Exciting space action by Rob Preece. Only $1.00.
    • STRANGE CAMP FELLOWS by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy A fox-man thief, a barbarian whose I.Q. challenges that of spinach, a dwarf-priest whose congregation deserted him, and a female mage with body image problems doesn't sound like the makings of a heroic party. Still, the four are sent out on a mission and must survive the monsters of Tamalaria... and one another. Calkins-Treworgy writes a fast-moving fantasy with just enough humor to keep the reader smiling. Priced at only $3.99. See all of our affordable science fiction and fantasy fiction (See all of our science fiction and fantasy publications)
    • WHAT THE SHADOW KNEW by Michael Paulson Private detective Deacon Bishop is back. An ugly job of tracking and photographing an unfaithful wife blows up when the wife goes missing, and a one-legged skateboarder who thinks he's the Shadow is the only witness. Bishop finds himself embroiled with the mob, fraud schemes and women he can't trust but can't stay away from either. Only $3.99. (See all mystery and thriller fiction)
    • WHIPPED FRATERNITY by Robyn Anders. Nicole d'Angre isn't sure what to expect for her thirtieth birthday party. Being dumped by her husband and forced to fend for herself wasn't even on the list. She swears she'll win him back, but in the meantime she has to survive. A job at the local fraternity will keep her close to her professor husband but training college boys how to satisfy a woman changes Nicole... and what she's looking for as well. A super-sexy story. Only $3.99. (See all romance and woman's fiction)
    • WRITING GENRE FLASH FICTION THE MINIMALIST WAY by Michael A. Kechula In this self-study guide, Kechula offers up the tricks and techniques that make flash fiction work, clearly explaining differences from short story and novel writing and providing dozens of how-to examples that let the reader/writer develop his own stories...the minimalist way. Only $9.99.

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