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    • EUTERPE: THE FALL OF FREEDOM by Kenneth Ingle His parents have been executed without a trial, his planet is under siege, and Harmon Penrose realizes it's time for him to go into action. With six ships against a space fleet of over a thousand, Harmon can't confront them directly. Only piracy, on a massive scale, can bring the enemy to their knees. What Harmon doesn't realize is that there's another player pulling strings. Could he be a tool for someone even more dangerous than the space navy he's named his enemy? Exciting space action in the Contact series. Only $3.99 but on sale for only $1.00 until Oct. 29, 2014 (See all of our affordable Science Fiction and Fantasy titles)

    • STALKING THE APOCALYPSE by J. E. Bruce. They are A'tuu'shahn'i, the Rim's mercenaries of choice, ancient, enigmatic shape-shifters rumored to be organic machines, possibly from a different dimension altogether. Invincible, implacable, unstoppable—except to an even more ancient, equally implacable enemy from within. When the humans of the Rim Coalition come into contact with the A'tuu'shahn'i, space itself will never be the same. Only $3.99. (See all of our affordable Science Fiction and Fantasy titles)

    • BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF by Michael Paulson. A couple of convicts just out of prison hook up with the woman who sent them up the river on a caper that seems doomed from the start. When Mike Zeeland finds himself attracted to the beautiful but untrustworthy blind woman, and when the crazy but dangerous Harry Steiner includes Zeeland and his partern Tio Menotti in a scheme that seems to set the two up as fall-guys, life gets very complicated. Staying alive is a challenge... as is collecting the million dollars worth of smuggled diamonds. A darkly funny thriller with engaging characters. Only $3.99. Multiple eBook formats. (See all mystery and thriller fiction)
    • WHIPPED FRATERNITY by Robyn Anders. Nicole d'Angre isn't sure what to expect for her thirtieth birthday party. Being dumped by her husband and forced to fend for herself wasn't even on the list. She swears she'll win him back, but in the meantime she has to survive. A job at the local fraternity will keep her close to her professor husband but training college boys how to satisfy a woman changes Nicole... and what she's looking for as well. A super-sexy story. Only $3.99. (See all romance and woman's fiction)
    • WRITING GENRE FLASH FICTION THE MINIMALIST WAY by Michael A. Kechula In this self-study guide, Kechula offers up the tricks and techniques that make flash fiction work, clearly explaining differences from short story and novel writing and providing dozens of how-to examples that let the reader/writer develop his own stories...the minimalist way. Only $9.99.

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