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    News and Events

    New Books

    We published one new book in June--and if you act quickly there's still time to take advantage of the introductory $1 pricing.

    Hunger by Rob Preece coverHUNGER, by Rob Preece is a sexy paranormal romance/urban fantasy. He's hungered for centuries but now Ewan believes his hunger can be satisfied. What he demands from Tia Burns, though, is far more than her blood. Because Ewan isn't a vampire--exactly. He's something far more powerful--something that, to Tia's mind, is completely forbidden. Price is only $3.99--but only $1 until July 22th. Learn more, read the free excerpt, or buy the book here.

    Coming in July

    In July, we're looking forward to publication of DEADLY TURN, the latest in Michael Paulson's vivid Deacon Bishop hardboiled detective series. Bishop gets into more trouble--but doesn't even realize his biggest trouble, with beautiful Rita Portello gunning for him in a way he just doesn't get. (In other news, Michael Paulson tells me there's at least one more Deacon Bishop mystery coming after DEADLY TURN).

    As always, you'll want to check back often to take advantage of our introductory pricing and to get the books when they're available nowhere else but directly from

    What's Happening

    Have you noticed that our most recent books are available in ePub format. ePub is a standards-based format for eBook production and distribution. The dream is that you'll be able to read your eBook on any device. So far, there aren't that many readers that support ePub format but more are coming. You might check out the FBReader if you're looking for ePub-capable multi-device software (it's free). Learn more here.

    What our authors are up to

    • Rob Preece is presenting his on-line workshop on the Kick-Ass heroine for the "Kiss of Death" Mystery/Suspense Chapter's "Murder One" series in July.
    • Karen Leabo will give her workshop on the 3-Act structure to the Romance Writers of America National meeting in San Francisco, July 2008. On July 12, she'll present the All about Psychics workshop to the Yellow Rose Chapter of RWA--Ruby Tuesday in Hurst, TX (11:00 AM).
    • Lea Schizas (editor of THE CARPATHIAN SHADOWS Vol. 1) manages the MuseItUp Club for writers. Her FREE online Muse conference is October 13-19.
    • Joshua Calkins-Treworgy has a series of videos on the trials of being a writer on YouTube. Check them out.
    • Authors--keep me posted on your activities so I can include them in the newsletter.

    New Reviews We added reviews of the following books during June:


    Some of our authors are on MySpace. Ask them to be your friend

    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

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