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    New Books

    Coming in May
    Around midmonth, look for SWORD OF THE DAJJAL by Scott Saylors. This futuristic science fiction adventure pits 'the alliance,' with its local allies, against the 'panhuman league,' AKA 'space nazis.' Saylors combines space action like that of the best David Weber, political intrigue, and land-side battles as well. Check out this beautiful cover designed by Karen Leabo.
    Sword of the Dajjal cover

    Check back often for this book because it'll be available at the introductory price of only $1 for one month. Regular eBook price is $3.99.

    Last Month's Publication
    In April, 2007, we published Michael A. Kechula's
    A FULL DECK OF ZOMBIES. This collection of short speculative fiction stories will make you think--and make you smile. It's still available for our introductory price of $1--but only until May 15, 2007. (Here's the cover for ZOMBIES):
    A Full Deck of Zombies cover

    Other publishing news

    New on our video page--A SECOND CHANCE by Kara Lennox.

    I had a great chance to meet with many of you at the Romantic Times Convention in Houston. For those who missed it, Harlequin channeled me, giving a strong pitch for electronic books being the wave of the future (and increasingly the present).

    Our Contest

    This Month's Contest
    In the short story, Searching for Dr. Harlow, who asks our narrator whether he believes in Zombies? This is an easy one so check it out. I'll send the winner a $10 gift certificate for a book of their choice from You don't even have to buy one of our books from them (although this would be a great idea as you could buy two or three of our books for ten bucks).

    If you know the answer, send it to me at publisher 'at' (replacing the 'at' with @).

    Last Month's Winner In Amy Eastlake's TORNADO BAIT. the sleuth is Tina Anderson. Cathie correctly identified Tina and wins a free eNovel of her choice from our catalogue. Congratulations, Cathie.

    What's Happening

    • Listed on Amazon: Check out our Amazon store where you can buy books from our authors from this great retailer.
    • Speaking Engagements
      • Rob Preece
        • I'll be speaking on eBooks and ePublishing with the Waco RWA on June 10, 2007.
        • I'll be doing an on-line workshop on action and martial arts in writing for the Kiss of Death Chapter in July 2007
        • I'll be speaking on 'Quitting your Day Job" at the RWA National Conference in July, 2007
      • Karen Leabo (Kara Lennox) activities
        • New Books. Kara's A SECOND CHANCE is available now (April) from Harlequin. See our review.
        • The Synopsis Queen Tells All. Romance Writers of America annual meeting, Dallas, July 2007
        • Quitting your Day Job, RWA National, July 2007
    • Other authors--please send me your promotional and speaking engagements. I'll list them.

    I, and our authors, would love to meet with lots of you at one (or more) of these events.

    New Reviews We've added reviews of the following books during April:

    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

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