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    Have you bought your Kindle yet? From Amazon to Sony to eBookWise, there are some wonderful devices for reading eBooks now on the market. Even if you don't like reading fiction on the computer, there are options for you. You can convert your books to Kindle, Sony or eBookWise or buy them directly from the Kindle and eBookWise stores. Fictionwise also recently bought and now offers its eBooks in eReader format. We're hoping to join Fictionwise on soon.

    New Books

    We published two books in April--and if you act quickly there's still time to take advantage of the introductory $1 pricing.

    Midlife Murder coverHeather Montag thinks her life is perfect--a rich husband, two grown children, and the respect of her community through her political activities. But when she loses her position with the "League," is divorced by her husband, forced to live in a low-end trailer park, and becomes a murder suspect, she realizes that she's involved in a midlife crisis that just won't stop. MIDLIFE MURDER is part of Amy Eastlake's Texas Trailer Park Mystery series. It's only $1 until May 13, 2008. (Regular price--only $3.99)
    Dread Knight's Redemption coverWarlock Richard Vandross has been gathering the 'Orbs of Eden's Serpent,' giving him the power to summon demons--or even more powerful forces, but driving him insane at the same time. Dread Knight Byron of Sidius was once Vandross's reluctant ally. Now he's the only thing that stands in the way of Vandross's victory. THE DREAD KNIGHT'S REDEMPTION is the second and final volume in Joshua Calkins-Treworgy's FREEDOM OR THE FIRE fantasy series. Only $1 until May 15, 2008. (Regular price--only $3.99).

    Coming in May, we're looking forward to publication of Cathy Richard Dodson's THE GLASS HOURS, a gothic-styled romance with elements of time travel and migration of souls. Also in May, the latest from Rob Clague--WHITEFELLA DREAMING is the story of an Australian undertaking a mystical journey across the outback.

    As always, you'll want to check back often to take advantage of our introductory pricing and to get the books when they're available nowhere else but directly from

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