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    News and Events

    • Welcome to the May edition of the newsletter. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to receive monthly updates on our promotional $1 introductory pricing, on forthcoming eBooks and paper books, on author activities, and on special events.
    • You can buy stuff from our Cafe Press Store (no markup). (Authors, please let me know if you're interested in your own Cafe Press Store. It's free and I'll be happy to help with artwork and to link to it.)
    • If you haven't already done so, check out our videos page. Trailers, video versions, author rants, and just-for-fun entertainment.

    Available in May

    Coming soon--look for DEADLY STING by Michael Paulson. In the latest of Paulson's hard-boiled Deacon Bishop mysteries, Bishop finds himself on the trail of a mysterious redhead, investigating why so many people are suddenly dying of bee-stings, and hopping on an ancient sea-plane to take a trip to an odd and dangerous island.

    First Contact cover

    Still available at introductory pricing (through May 9th). FIRST CONTACT is the latest from author Kenneth E. Ingle. Imagine if you were a scientist who'd accidentally caught yourself and a group of your peers in an explosion that gave you the unique ability to age extremely slowly. Cool, right? Except that people start to notice--and when people notice, governments notice. If Maria Presk and her co-workers can't get away, they'll find themselves back in a lab--but this time as subjects rather than scientists. Maria's solution--to escape to the stars. The problem--aliens lay claim to the stars and they're not happy to see the humans. FIRST CONTACT is priced at $3.99 (eBook) but available at our promotional introductory price of only $1.00 until May 9, 2009. Check it out here.

    Coming in June
    • Look for a revised and updated version of MOTOR CITY SHAMBLER by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy and a charming fantasy by Wendy Palmer.

    What our authors are up to

    • Ken Ingle's book signing has been postponed to the new school year. I'll post the information when it's available.
    • Karen Leabo (writing as Kara Lennox) has a new book out from Harlequin--THE GOOD FATHER. Buy it from Amazon or read our review. .
    • Karen Leabo will be demonstrating a 'bad pitch' on May 2nd at the Mystery Writers of America/SouthWest Chapter, Dallas Branch meeting at Outback Steak House on 75 and Spring Valley. 9:30-12:00 AM.
    • Rob Preece will be demonstrating a 'good pitch' at the same meeting.
    • Joshua Calkins-Treworgy has a guest blog on the website. He wants your feedback--check it out and let him know here.
    • Authors--keep me posted on your activities so I can include them in the newsletter.

    New Reviews We added reviews of the following books during April:


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    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

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