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    REVENGE DAY AND OTHER TALES OF CRIME AND ESPIONAGE by Michael A. Kechula Master of flash fiction Michael A. Kechula delivers a fast-paced collection of crime stories. Quick reads that deliver a punch. Only $3.99... but on sale for $1.00 until September 17, 2015.

    THREE DEADLY SHADOWS by Teel James Glenn Jon Shadows may not be able to fill the shoes left by his super-human father but that doesn't stop him from battling racists and wifebeaters or helping his Marine buddies. Pulp fiction meets the 21st century. Only $3.99. (See all mystery and thriller fiction)

    THE SCHOOL FOR MONSTERS AND MISFITS by Rob Preece Matt Carnecero thought he was about to find his place in his clan of shape-shifting predators. A bear would be perfect. An eagle would be fine. A rabbit, not so much. To protect him, he's sent to the 'center for advanced fae studies,' but that center, nicknamed the School for Monsters and Misfits, is no protection at all. Surviving will be nearly impossible. Helping his new friends will be even harder. Only $1.00. (See all of our affordable Science Fiction and Fantasy titles)

    MICRO FICTION: WRITING 100 WORD STORIES (DRABBLES) FOR MAGAZINES AND CONTESTS by Michael A. Kechula. Want to get published quickly? Want to write a complete story in an afternoon rather than spending a year or more on a novel? Want to catch onto the latest writing craze? Prize-winning author Michael A. Kechula details how to write a complete story in 100 words in this self-study guide that contains hundreds of exercises, examples and detailed advice. While indispensable for any hoping to start writing Drabbles, writers of all form factors of fiction will find much of his advice and exercises invaluable in sharpening their writing and making every word count. Only $9.99.

    WHIPPED FRATERNITY by Robyn Anders. Nicole d'Angre isn't sure what to expect for her thirtieth birthday party. Being dumped by her husband and forced to fend for herself wasn't even on the list. She swears she'll win him back, but in the meantime she has to survive. A job at the local fraternity will keep her close to her professor husband but training college boys how to satisfy a woman changes Nicole... and what she's looking for as well. A super-sexy story. Only $3.99. (See all romance and woman's fiction)

    WRITING GENRE FLASH FICTION THE MINIMALIST WAY by Michael A. Kechula. Kechula has been called 'the god of flash fiction.' He's sold many hundreds of short stories to dozens of magazines and publishers, edited flash magazines, and mentored a number of new authors. Now he brings his tricks and techniques to a self-study guide. This book is available for only $9.99.

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