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    New Books

    Coming in November
    Around November 10, look for Kristina O'Donnelly's KORINNA. This historical/woman's fiction novel is set in the period of the late Roman Republic. As Rome is torn by the upheaval of the Social Wars and conflict between Marius and Sulla, in the east, Mithridates seeks to unite the Greeks with the Persians and native Anatolians to overthrow Roman rule and replace Rome as the dominant nation. Korinna, a young woman, is caught in the conflict--and the brutal society and bloodletting that follows. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this one. Check back often for the latest. It'll be on sale for only $1 for the first 30 days of availability (regular price, $3.99). .

    New in October Did you miss REVERSE ANGLE by Cathy Richard Dodson? It's still only $1 until November 19th. A powerful darkly funny woman's fiction novel as a woman wonders where her life and ambitions have gone--and tries to recapture them by creating a documentary about moving her mother-in-law's corpse across the country. Regular price--$3.99 goes into effect on Nov. 19th. Check it out here:

    Our Contest

    This Month's Contest
    What is the name of Emma's husband in REVERSE ANGLE by Cathy Richard Dodson? Need a hint--check here. E-mail your entry to us at publisher '@' The winner, drawn from all correct entries, will receive one free eNovel of their choice from our catalog.

    What's Happening

    • Our paperback books will be listed with First listing is EYE OF THE STORM by Amy Eastlake. More later this month.
    • Many of our eBooks are now also available from Digital Pulp Press and from All Romance eBooks
    • After a big month of speaking engagements, I'm back in the office. No more trips scheduled this year. But I do always attend the Dallas Area Romance Authors meetings--if you're in Dallas, look me up there.
    • I'll be attending Epicon, the Electronically Published Internet Connection convention in Virginia Beach, Virginia in March, 2007.
    • I'm scheduled for 2 talks at the Romantic Times conference in Houston in April, 2007.

    I hope to meet with lots of you at one (or more) of these events.

    Other authors--let me know about your activities and I'll include them in the newsletter.

    New Reviews We've added reviews of the following books during October:

    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

    What else is new?

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