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    New Books

    • DEADLY TRADE by Michael Paulson. In this hardboiled private-eye story, detective Deacon Bishop finds a simple missing person case escalating into murder--and a run-in with his oldest and most dangerous enemy. DEADLY TRADE is available for only $1--but only until November 17. 2007 (regular price--$3.99).
    • A FULL ENGLISH PROBLEM by Anthony Perham. Perham continues his best-selling English Detective series with Sean Crow and Malcolm McKarn now working as bounty hunters called upon to bring back the antiques thief who escaped Crow's last case--and his deadly ex-SAS son. A FULL ENGLISH PROBLEM is available for only $1--but only until December 4, 2007.

    Coming this Month

    In addition to A FULL ENGLISH PROBLEM, we're planning to publish AFTER THE DRAGON by Wendy Palmer--an exciting fantasy adventure. (probably around November 27th). Check back often for details.

    New Paperback

    Our Contest

    This Month's Contest
    Check every month for the lastest contest--and a chance to win a free eBook of your choice from our publishing list. Answer the question, send the answer to us by e-mail, and we'll randomly pick the winner from the list of correct answers.

    Question: What is the name of the missing barkeep who Sean Crow and Malcolm McKarn are searching for? Need help? Follow this link for the answer.

    What's Happening

    Other authors--please send me your promotional and speaking engagements. I'll list them.

    New Reviews We added reviews of the following books during October:

    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

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