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    New Books

    Coming in October
    Coming around October 10, look for REVERSE ANGLE by Cathy Richard Dodson. This woman's fiction/romance novel tells the story of a woman suffering a mid-life crisis--as she helps transport her mother-in-law's long-dead body across the country. Mixing dark humor with powerful emotion, Emma learns about herself, sees her past through a different lens, and tries to film a documentary of the disfunctional family involved in the body-move. It'll be available for only $1 for the first month, so check back often. .

    New in September Did you miss A FULL ENGLISH DEATH by Anthony Perham? This English police procedural combines humor with tough detecting as two fish-out-of-water London police detectives are sent to England's rural north to investigate an apparent murder. It's only $3.99. Check it out here.

    Did you miss I, PHILIBERT Q. WINSLOW by Michael Paulson? When a lawyer's beautiful assistant is murdered, he becomes a suspect. With mounting evidence against him, we have to wonder whether he really did do the deed. Only $3.99 (note: before October 11, you can still pick it up for only $1). Check it out here.

    Our Contest

    Last Month's Contest
    Last month's contest asked, "Who is the cop sent to pressure Aija Jallay to back off her case? Answer: Jerry Miller. Winner: Jenny. Congratulation, Jenny. (Jenny has been notified by private e-mail).

    This Month's Contest
    What is the first name of Philibert Q. Winslow's beautiful assistant? Need a hint? Check here. e-mail me at publisher '@' (without the spaces or quotes) and let me know the answer. The winner will receive their choice of any eBook we publish.

    What's Happening

    • I'll be speaking at the Dallas Area Writers Group (DAWG) in Cedar Hill on October 10, 2006.
    • I'll be speaking at the East Texas Writer's Guild in Longview Texas on Friday, October 13th. (Topic--ePublishing).
    • I'll be speaking at the Erle Stanley Gardner Mystery convention in Temecula, California Nov. 3-5, 2006.
    • I'll be attending Epicon, the Electronically Published Internet Connection convention in Virginia Beach, Virginia in March, 2007.
    • I'm scheduled for 2 talks at the Romantic Times conference in Houston in April, 2007.

    I hope to meet with lots of you at one (or more) of these events.

    Other authors--let me know about your activities and I'll include them in the newsletter.

    New Reviews We've added reviews of the following books during September:

    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

    What else is new?

    Best-selling. Several of our books reached best-seller status last month. A FULL ENGLISH DEATH reached #1 on the Mobipocket mystery list and #4 on the Fictionwise list. ONE HANDSOME DEVIL reached #1 on the Mobipocket romance list and #3 overall. MERCHANT PRINCE OF ARCADIA reached #1 on the Mobipocket Science Fiction list. Congratulations to these authors.

    We'll be evaluating additional distribution outlets for our electronic fiction so stay posted. If you have a favorite distributor, let us know and we'll check them out. I truly believe that our books are among the best (and most affordable) available anywhere, from electronic or traditional publishers.

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