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    Other Free Book sites and Public Domain Sources

    Many of the greatest books in the world are available on the net, free of charge. has compiled a listing of some of the best. If your favorite is not listed, let us know.

    Free and Public Domain Book Sources

    • This site--always the right place to start. Includes both links, reviews, and free and shareware books not available anywhere else on the web
    • contains a large number of free books as well as magazines and an expert section
    • Authorama--public domain books in easily readable HTML format
    • Bartleby contains a number of novels as well as non-fiction works
    • BAEN FREE LIBRARY Lots of fairly recent Science Fiction novels--available for free downloading. This is a cool site (free but not public domain).
    • Bibliomania--approximately 80 public domain novels
    • A rapidly growing source--watch for frames
    • to use formatting
    • Carnagie Mellon University Electronic Library Classic novels, plays, and research materials
    • Classic Book Library--Free online classics. Genre fiction--romance, mystery, SF, etc.
    • Digital Library at The University of Pennsylvania Plenty of public domain books and links
    • Eldritch Press Public Domain and Freeware books including American and English Classics
    • The English Server Claims to have over 29,000 works (see the Novel area for a text-based library with a number of public domain novels.
    • E-Text at the University of Virginia An interesting, if strange, collection of works written by women. These include great novels by Jane Austen and other woman writers, poetry, political commentary, and letters
    • Gruntose Great Sherlock Holmes collection. Other Public Domain books.
    • Project Gutenberg Thousands of novels, non-fiction works, and other writings in the public domain
    • HANDebooks. A number of e-books formatted for the Palm. Free.
    • Litrix A site specializing in Mystery, Western, SF, Jane Austen, etc. Public domain, with a few books I haven't seen elsewhere. All HTML so it's easy to read.
    • A fine site with a number of novels in easy-to-read HTML format. Authors include Dickens, Burroughs, Doyle, Dumas, etc.
    • ManyBooks. A well-organized site supporting multiple formats for both public domain and more recent, freely available titles.
    • Microsoft Reader site. Free books for readers using the free Microsoft Reader software. Changing list of recent (non-public domain) e-books--for free.
    • The Naked Word another site with a number of free books (would you believe early Tom Swift from 1910)
    • On Line Books Page Thousands of texts listed, mostly on other sites (University of Pennsylvania)
    • Page By Page Books A number of public domain books presented 'page by page' to reduce download time.
    • PDBooksOnline Thousands of free eBooks. Read online or download.
    • Links to sources of e-books, audio books, and paper books, to SF fannish activity, and (especially for those whose hands or eyes no longer do their bidding) to sources of gadgets and software (assistive technology) that will enable them to continue to enjoy fiction and fanac.
    • WingHaven Westerns--a number of westerns--all FREE
    • Worldwide School Mystery, Science Fiction, Romance, and Childrens Fiction

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