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    News and Events

    • Welcome to the July edition of the newsletter.

      The world of eBooks continues to spin faster and faster. Dorchester, a former leader in mass market (pocket-sized) paperbacks is going electronic (and print on demand). Who will be next? Meanwhile, the price wars in eBook readers continue and the major publishers continue to transition to a world of digital content. I truly was dubious at first about the need for devices rather than simply reading on the computer but I'm convinced now. Something small, that you can carry in your pocket, purse or messenger bag, something you can read without a long bootup, and something that doesn't weigh so much your arms ache has a lot of benefits. Today's generation of readers has definitely hit the sweet spot...and the selection is great.

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    • You can buy stuff from our Cafe Press Store (no markup). (Authors, please let me know if you're interested in your own Cafe Press Store. It's free and I'll be happy to help with artwork and to link to it.)
    • If you haven't already done so, check out our videos page. Trailers, video versions, author rants, and just-for-fun entertainment.
    • Available in bookstores? Thanks to an agreement between printers, many of our books (the paperback versions) are now orderable through your local bookstore. Of course, they're also available through Amazon. Authors, you may be able to work with your local bookstore for signings. e-mail me if you have questions.

    Coming in September:

    FIRST LOVE, LAST LOVE by Victoria Chancellor. They were high school sweethearts, but when Jillian had to stay home and Brad went to college, their relationship ended. Now, though, he's back in town, equipped with a five-year-old child. Can they rekindle the romance, or have they burned too many bridges?

    Our August Publications

    To Kill a Thief by Kenneth E. IngleTO KILL A THIEF by Kenneth E. Ingle. The FBI won't believe a string of murdered scientists are connected but corporate spy Devin Brandon takes the job, only to find himself in the midst of a far deeper plot than he'd imagined. An action-thriller. This book is priced at $3.99 but will be available at the introductory price of $1.00 between now and September 30, 2010.

    What our authors are up to

    • Karen Leabo/Kara Lennox is conducting an on-line class called "Yes You Can Quit Your Day Job" with the Red River Romance Writers September 6-19. ($20).
    • Rob Preece is conducting a class in What the action heroine knows and the author should for the Romance Writers of America Kiss of Death chapter.
    • S. K. O'Toole's art will be on display at the B. J. Spoke Gallery in Huntington. (Congratulations, SK). In October, his work will be featured in the Rio Brazos National Juried Exhibit. Congratulations, S.K.
    • Author Mike Markel is making DEVIATIONS a short story sequel to BIG SICK HEART available through Scribd. Check it out.
    • Author Mike Markel is offering a special benefit for purchasers of his mystery, BIG SICK HEART. If you're among the first 100 customers to e-mail us and let us know which character in his book (other than the man diagnosed with a heart condition) has a 'big sick heart,' you'll be entered in a drawing to win $100. That's $100 for 100. (I'll post here when the contest is closed so act quickly).

    New Reviews

    We added reviews of the following books during August:


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    The Blog

    Find out about the life and writing of an author-publisher. Check it out and add your comments.

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