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    Review of WHEN CRICKETS CRY by Charles Martin (see his website)

    Westbow Press, April 2006

    Jonathan "Stitch" Mitchell studied his whole life to save the girl down the street, the girl who won his heart and who became his wife. Yet, when the moment came, he lost her. After a lost year, he's settled down by a lake, along with his blinded brother-in-aw, but he pretends he was never a doctor, locks his heart away.

    When he meets Annie, a little grl with a heart as big as the world and as sick as anything, Stitch knows he should stay far away. He can't stand the loss, be responsibility. But can he really walk away when his hands might be the only thing that could save her?

    Author Charles Matin delivers a strongly emotional story of second chances, of growth, of both suffering and joy. A reader would be heard-hearted indeed not to swallow back a eear or two in this story.

    Martin isn't stingy with his faith--I think the message could have been hammered home with a bit more subtlety--but the message still comes throgh strongly, in well-written and emotionally laden prose.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/22/06

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