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    DATING BIG BIRD by Laura Zigman

    Dial Press, 2000

    It seems everyone around Ellen Franch is pregnant. Other women conceive and become mothers as easily as stepping into the rain, yet Ellen, at 35, hears only the rapid-fire tick of her biological clock. When she runs into an old friend similarly obsessed with motherhood, the two make a pact to do something about their childlessness -- despite the fact their current significant others are unable and/or unwilling to father children.

    In her second novel, Ms. Zigman has captured an experience common to many women in a hilarious and poignant way, leading ultimatly to Ellen's heartbreaking choice between the man she loves and her urge to procreate.

    Mostly, though, DATING BIG BIRD is a fun romp that will leave the reader feeling satisfied and optimistic.

    Four Stars

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