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    Review of DOUBLE TIME by Priscilla Cogan

    Two Canoes Press, April 2007

    In an attempt to win back his wife's love, unemployed Billy T. Pickle decides to rob a bank. Things don't go too well, as he first hands over his wife's shopping list, then finds his car vandalized and undrivable. Thinking quickly if not clearly, Billy grabs a teenage runaway as hostage, then carjacks a car driven by an elderly woman. The three of them make their escape from Washington D.C., but Billy has no idea where to go next.

    Teen Phoenix Knott had enough of her single mother and had decided to run away to spend time with her father--in Seattle, completely on the other side of the country. As she is the only one of the three with a real destination in mind, ultimately the three head toward Seattle. By this time, Kate, the elderly driver, has decided she needs to help Billy out, providing frequent insights and encouraging him to re-imagine his life. Along the way, the Phoenix and Kate begin reading a romance novel about a pair of twins, mistaken identity, and true love. The novel further reinforces the lessons Billy and Phoenix are learning.

    Author Prisilla Cogan creates an entertaining story with the pathetic Billy--henpecked and more a danger to himself than anyone else, the desperately seeking Phoenix, and the wise Kate bonding together over romance novels, tourist destinations, Canada and America as they make their way across the country. Cogan mixes a wry sense of humor with a touch of angst to hook the reader and keep us reading.

    DOUBLE TIME's message is positive and certain to appeal, especially to young readers. More cynical readers might find it a bit simplistic and the NPR commentator's thoughts on the romance novel aspect seem quite on. Even we cynics (sadly I fall into this number) will enjoy Cogan's story of a man searching for a new dream after his old dream exploded.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 5/07/06

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