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    Review of LIMPY by Duane R. Ethington (see his website)

    PublishAmerica, November 2003

    An injury in a bull ride ends Limpy's rodeo career, but a rodeo clown saves his life. He agrees to help out the dying clown's family but arrives in Wyoming too late. Night riders are doing their best to drive African-Americans from their farms--or kill them altogether, and have destroyed the clown's family. Limpy takes a job with a ranch, but the foreman takes an instant dislike to him--a dislike that only grows when the rancher's daughter takes a shine to Limpy and when Limpy backs up a group of blacks when the foreman and his gang threaten them.

    Author Duane R. Ethington delivers an exciting western adventure. Limpy faces the brutal cold of the north, an icy river, attacking wolves, and that most dangerous opponent--a band of desperate men after his life. Ethington's action scenes sparkle with danger and emotional intensity.

    Limpy is a prototypical silent cowboy, intent on doing his job no matter the obstacles and no matter what the costs to himself. Like most of us, Limpy is far from perfect and suffers from doubts. But unlike most of us, he carries through despite his doubts. Although not immune to the racism that was universal in this earlier time (LIMPY appears to have been set around the turn of the 19th century), he shows that a man can overcome even this taint by following basic ethical rules.

    Fans of western adventure won't go wrong with this exciting story.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/24/03

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