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    Thomas Dunne Books, September 2001

    J. R. Weatherford and his grandmother 'Biggie' set off to Quincy Texas to learn how to start a historical society. What they find in Quincy is a town obsessed with its past--a past that includes a mysterious death. The Ghosts of the past come to haunt with a vengence when J.R. finds the body of a beautiful girl in the fountain outside the historic hotel.

    Biggie has investigated murders before and when the Sheriff becomes incapacitated, she steps in, dragging 12-year-old J.R. along for the ride. That ride includes evidence of long-hidden sin, a run-in with the alligators at nearby Caddo Lake, and evidence of a very real ghost right in the middle of this haunted town. With a little help from J.R., Biggie starts to guess at the truth, but can she prove her guess?

    Writing from J.R.'s point of view, author Nancy Bell does a fine job depicting modern East Texas (the town of Quincy is based on Jefferson, Texas. Jefferson was a major inland steamship port in the late 1800s, but nearly became a ghost town when the railroads moved Texas commerce to Dallas). Bell has a fine ear for youth and J.R. is a convincing narrator.

    BIGGIE AND THE QUINCY GHOST is a purely entertaining read. Those of us interested in Texas history, Texas-isms, and pure home-style mystery fill find Biggie and J.R. a treat. See more reviews of novels by Nancy Bell.

    Three Stars

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