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    Review of CAT IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR by Carole Nelson Douglas (see her website)


    FORGE, May 2002

    Midnight Louie, a black cat and private detective, intends to help his 'roommate' find the killers who have littered Las Vegas with their victims. With the sometimes doubtful assistance of his 'daughter,' and with support from the big cats who work with a Vegas magician, Louie manages to track down some clues--but will Temple Barr and her erstwhile lover Max Kinsella be able to put them together. And in the meantime, will ex-priest Matt Devine ever make a move on Temple, or any woman. And will cop C. R. Molina get off Max's case for long enough to determine what is really happening in Vegas?

    Author Carole Nelson Douglas's "Cat" stories (see other reviews of novels by this author) deliver a multivolume mystery with the loose ends in one story continuing on into the next. In CAT IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR, some of the threads start to pull together. A mysterious 13th sign of the zodiac points the way at something more potent than high-school occult and the stripper-killer finally gets his come-uppance, but the deeper mysteries remain unsolved. Indeed, ex-terrorist and crazy woman Kathleen O'Connor (aka Kitty the Cutter) is more dangerous than ever in her attempts to make Matt abandon his most deeply felt beliefs.

    Fans of the Midnight Louie series will be overjoyed to see this addition to the corpus--and CAT IN A MIDNIGHT CHOIR is a good one, moving forward the extended plot, providing its own nuggets of mystery, and presenting lots of Carole Nelson Douglas's quips and wry insights into humanity (only sometimes as seen from the cat's eye). For those not yet exposed to the series, it might make sense to start with the earlier novels as CHOIR is very much a (superior) middle book.

    Four Stars

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