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    GAME PLAN by Charles Wilson

    St. Martin's Press, 2000

    A fatal traffic accident involving a participant in an abandoned government experiment implanting chips in the human brain throws research scientist and doctor Spence Stevens into danger for himself, his friends and co-workers, and possibly the entire planet. Emplanting silicon chips into the brain allows the recipients to communicate with one another, access memories and data from anywhere in the world, and increase their bodies' efficiency. They view themselves, and are, virtual supermen. Unfortunately, the first experimental patients were military criminals--men and women willing to impose their wills on anyone who opposes them.

    When Stevens and his collegues discover an implanted chip in the victim of a traffic accident, the cabal of supermen springs into action--they are more than willing to kill to protect their secret. First his mentor, then the private detective he asks for help are murdered and Spence is framed for supposedly assaulting a corrupted policeman. On the run and with no one to turn to except a pretty reporter and one of his lab assistants, Stevens must both stay alive and find some way to stop the cabal. And can even his allies be trusted? Certainly his story would sound like the ravings of a conspiracy theory nut if he went to the Feds.

    In GAME PLAN, Charles Wilson writes an tight thriller. The sense of danger closing in on Stevens is almost tangible. Joey McDonald, the private detective and friend of Stevens, is a well developed secondary character with his own personal demons. Wilson's writing propells the story at a breakneck pace.

    Three Stars

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