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    Review of CHEREM by Michael Paulson, February 2013

    Cherem by Michael Paulson cover Still reeling from his recent divorce, American Harry Bronstein plans a peaceful European vacation. Flirting with the pretty attendant at the ferry ticket station or the buxom blonde he meets on the ship itself are part of the program. Getting into the middle of a three-way battle between Chechen terrorists, Chinese spies, and Russiann counter-spies is definitely not on his list. Unfortunately for Harry, his resemblance to a CIA operative brings him into this conflict and, once in, he can't get out.

    Knowing that he is being hunted, Russian spy Kalandarishvili dupes Harry into smuggling a memory stick containing Russian military deployments into France. Before Harry can return the plans, Kalandarishvili is murdered, with Harry the chief suspect. Hunted by the French police, the Russian spy agency, and the Chechen terrorists who hired (and killed) Kalandarishvili, Harry finds himself a captive of first one faction, then another. Fortunately, one of the Russian spies, Anitchka, is a beautiful woman who takes an interest in Harry. Unfortunately, Anitchka has already murdered two fiances and wouldn't have any problems adding Harry to the list. Worse, the terrorists have a mole in the Russian spy organization and know everything that the spies, and Harry are up to.

    Author Michael Paulson (see more reviews of mystery and suspense by Paulson) delivers a fast-paced thriller with Harry as the classic everyman, caught in a web of intrigue not of his own making. Paulson manages a compelling blend of action and tongue-in-cheek humor, with Harry constantly balancing his desire to stay alive with his interest in the beautiful Anitchka.

    CHEREM is available in multiple eBook formats (Kindle, ePub, HTML and PDF). It's priced at only $3.99 . Click the Buy Now button below to purchase it.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/27/13

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