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    Review of BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF by Michael Paulson, April 2014

    Blind Woman's Bluff by Michael Paulson cover

    Newly released from prison, Mike Zeeman and Tio Menotti don't have any money, any friends, or any prospects other than a vague idea of heading to California. When Meri Darling, their former partner, offers them a job, they don't have a lot of alternatives to taking it. Meri is the reason they ended up in jail in the first place so they don't trust her, but they're certain they can keep the caper under control this time. Unfortunately for them, Meri is now parnering with the criminally insane Harry Steiner--a man with a tin-foil cap who doesn't look nearly as dangerous as he is.

    Meri and Steiner want Zeeman and Menotti to follow Sydney Popovich and recover the jewels Popovich stole--diamonds Steiner had smuggled into the country. This relatively simple task is complicated by Popovich's plan to murder his beautiful blind wife, Deidre. The proposed 'second honeymoon' murder location is the perfect spot for Zeeman and Menotti to recover the diamonds, but Zeeman discovers that Deidre is strangely compelling.

    Author Michael Paulson (see more mysteries and thrillers by Paulson) writes a darkly funny thriller. Although Mike Zeeman is a criminal, his twisted but strong moral code and his empathy for others quickly gain reader sympathy. Deidre Popovich won't let herself become a simple victim. Although she's physically limited by her blindness, she has a sharp tongue and won't stop fighting no matter how heavy the odds against her. Secondary characters like the insane Harry Steiner, the calculating Meri Darling and the solid Tio Menotti add texture to the story. BLIND WOMAN'S BLUFF is a charming adventure.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/14/14

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