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    Review of DEAD SOUL by James D. Doss


    St. Martin's Minotaur, September 2003

    Former Indian Police officer and now Ute investigator Charlie Moon is assigned the task of investigating a drunk Indian's death. The FBI and local police have already done their best and nobody expects Charlie to find much, but he believes in giving the tribe their money's worth. Besides, something about the murder just doesn't add up. With the help of his ghost-seeing aunt Daisy, Charile is able to find some clues that no one else looked for. But death has a way of exacting its price and Charlie ends up facing both physical danger and ghost-touch.

    Author James D. Doss (see more reviews of novels by Doss) combines adventure, emotional depth, clever dialogue, and a deep insight into both Native American and Christian spirituality to deliver an outstanding story. Doss's strong writing gripped me from early in the story and made me care about the seven-foot ex-lawman, his friend the local Chief of Police, and the other characters in this rich novel.

    Charlie Moon makes a wonderful character. His cutting dialogue made me laugh, but his deeper insights are what makes him stand out as a character. Doss combines a cynicism about humanity with a deep optimism--a difficult combination that definitely works. I recommend this fine novel highly.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/24/03

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