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    Review of SUCKER BET by James Swain (see his website)


    Ballantine, April 2003

    Casino consultant Tony Valentine is trying out a new life, with a new woman--a professional wrestler. When his girlfriend admits she's been lying to him about contacts with her ex-husband, Valentine heads back to Miami and his business. And business is good. Con men and thiefs around the world are ripping off casinos, generally with inside help. One job, in an American Indian casino is practically local and Valentine agrees to take it. Things escalate quickly when Valentine is attacked by aligators who somehow made it into his car.

    Author James Swain (see more reviews of novels by Swain) knows his gambling business. Following Valentine around lets the reader know about the way gamblers work and how the cons run. And there is a con being run--a huge one that mobster Rico Blanco has been running. He doesn't need Valentine cutting into his action.

    The con is clever and sophisticated and the aging and widowered Valentine makes a sympathetic protagonist. The problems in his love life and with his semi-crooked son let the reader sympathize with his sometimes abrupt and angry actions. Hooker Candy Hart and Valentine's neighbor, Mabel add interest to an already fascinating story.

    SUCKER BET hooks the reader, then reels him in. I found the conclusion a little confusing--exactly who hit whom--but that didn't stop me from seriously enjoying this novel. Now, if I can just get my sandpaper and head for the nearest casino...

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/05/03

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