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    Review of OUT OF TOWN A FEW DAYS by Ed Lynskey (see his website)

    15 Frank Johnson Stories, May 2004

    Out of Town a Few Days by Ed Lynskey Private investigator Frank Johnson wants to take things easy, enjoy an occasional drink and the affections of an attractive woman. Unfortunately for him, both his job (especially when investigating crimes for a cranky billionaire) and bad luck mean that he's often confronted with dead bodies and with someone actively out to kill him. With a wry quip and a hard-edged attitude, Johnson pushes through the confusion to get at the facts-- generally finding that the truth is something he really didn't want to know.

    Fans of hard-edged film-noir type detective fiction will find OUT OF TOWN A FEW DAYS to be a veritable treasure-trove of attitude, violence, and adventure. Johnson does grow through his adventures--set in rural America, big cities, overseas and even in the future--but he remains a man you might not want to marry your sister but you'd definitely want on your side in a fight. Author Ed Lynskey uses a spare tone in his first-person narrative. I could almost hear Johnson's voice as I read through the stories.

    Several of these stories have appeared before in mystery magazines but OUT OF TOWN A FEW DAYS is the first publication for many and the most complete collection of Frank Johnson mysteries available.

    A sample story, 'Against the Season' is available FREE.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/18/04

    OUT OF TOWN FOR A FEW DAYS is available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Reader LIT, eReader/Palm Reader, Mobipocket, Sony Reader LRF and ePub formats.

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