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    Review of INTO THE VOLCANO by Forrest DeVoe, Jr.


    HarperCollins, September 2004

    Kennedy is President, the Russians are threatening democracy and a freelance spy agency hires out to help the CIA. Agent Jack Mallory, along with his sexy but cool partner Laura Morse, is sent to Istanbul to learn about the violent death of a fellow agent. After all, if the Consultancy gets the reputation of letting its agents get killed, it won't be worth much. Jack knows it's a trap, but that doesn't keep him from plunging himself into danger. Fortunately, Morse keeps a cool head.

    Surviving Istanbul is challenging enough, but doing so only means more danger as Jack and Morse are sent to the South Pacific where they must beard the criminal leader of an opposing private spy agency in his headquarters. Of course, even getting there won't be easy as the natives distrust anyone foreign, and Americans are not their favorites.

    Author Forrest DeVoe, Jr. doesn't quite pull of the tongue-in-cheek of James Bond, but he manages a fast-paced and exciting story. Anton Rauth makes a convincing villian with his nasty habits of murdering his girlfriends, killing anyone who annoys him, and generally causing problems. Morse, with her martial arts training and her frustrating China experience, as well as her frustrated emotions, makes for a sympathetic and interesting character.

    If you enjoy slam-bam action, INTO THE VOLCANO will definitely please.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 2/12/05

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