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    Review of ACT OF WAR by Dale Brown

    William Morrow, May 2005

    Review by Jennifer Vilches (see her blog)

    Terrorists strike an America oil refinery with a small nuclear bomb. In steps Major Jason Richter, Army nerd extraordinaire, with his super CID exoskeleton. The hero of the hour saves a busload of kids, along with a beautiful reporter, and promptly gets placed on the newest war-on-terror team. The team starts to tackle the terrorist group responsible, but the team seems to be set up for failure with conflicting personalities and egos. The battles rage on around the globe, as Major Richter tries to pull the team together, find the mastermind behind the plots, and save his country from another disastrous attack.

    Techno, yes; thriller, no. This book started out with promise and I really wanted to like it. But after the introduction of the major characters and gadgets, it quickly becomes clichéd and predictable. The nifty new weapons systems would play much better with believable characters and a realistic plot. The pacing is fast, but the many twists and turns feel forced. Dale Brown is perfectly capable of writing exciting techno-thriller books with good characters - but this is not one of them.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 9/06/06

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