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    Review of ROGUE ANGEL: DESTINY by Alex Archer (see his Blog)

    GOLD EAGLE, July 2006

    Archeologist (and star of a 'search for historical monster' television series) Annja Creed follows myths of a werewolf mosnster to France. When a mysterious earthquake opens a long-hidden cave, Annja finds the body of the mythical monster--but that discovery only unveils another mystery. Because someone else is interested in the monster--and in more than the television aspects. A long-hidden secret stands to be revealed--and there are men who would do anything to keep the secret hidden.

    Sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by a strange man who claims to be hundreds of years old, Annja discovers a talisman that just might be the last missing shard of Joan of Arc's sword. In the right hands,that sword could have huge powers. Legend has it that the talisman also contains the map to a long-hidden treasure. The local gangster leader wll stop at nothing to get his hands on the talisman and on the treasure. A strange group of monks, supposedly abolished hundreds of years earlier, and another immortal with his own agenda add to the action, each group pursuing their own agenda, and with little concern for whether Annja survives..

    Author Alex Archer delivers a fast-paced ad exciting thriller. Mixing history, a secret order of martial monks, French gangsters, two men who have battled one another since the day they failed to save Joanof Arc and a kick-butt martial artist/sexy archeologist, Archer keeps the pages turning.

    A few editing problems tend to throw the reader out of the story--the cave paintings were certainly not done millions of years ago, for example. But Archer's strong writing pulls you right back into the fast-paced story--and doesn't let up.

    I'll definitely be looking for the next book in this series. (See more reviews of novels by Alex Archer)

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/02/06

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