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    Review of THE CAT WHO HAD 60 WHISKERS by Lilian Jackson Braun

    G. P. Putnam's Sons, January 2007

    Life in Pickax, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, meanders along. Jim (Quill) Quilleran takes care of his cats, wonders what's going on when his steady date heads off to Paris, and notes that his cat, Koko, does her murder announcement, meaning that while a local death may appear to have been an accident, it was actually murder.

    Because he's super-rich, Quill solves problems by referring them to his charitable committee. Solving murders or keeping girlfriends isn't easily managed by this tactic, however--and Quill has a hard time coming up with an alternate approach. Perhaps, though, his every-day approach of working on his newspaper columns, joining the society of Pickax at various eateries, or observing the antics of his wonderful cat might be an approach?

    Author Lilian Jackson Braun (see more reviews of novels by Braun) continues her 'Cat Who' series with a mostly pleasant look at Quill's life as he meanders along, apparently unable to make a decision about whether he wants to keep Polly in his life, whether he wants to actually solve the murder, or whether he has any strong emotional feelings at all.

    Braun's writing keeps this book from being off-putting. Quill's goalless wandering might make me want to shake him and tell him to wake up, but Braun's observations about humanity, nature, and the far-off world of Michigan's Upper Peninsula were enough to keep me engaged and reading. Still, this was a short book--only 190 pages, with plenty of white space and a large font. It seems to me that Braun forgot to put in the actual story--she certainly had room for it.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 3/17/06

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