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    Review of ROGUE ANGEL: FORBIDDEN CITY by Alex Archer (see his Blog)

    GOLD EAGLE, March 2007

    It seemed like a great job offer. Archeologist Annja Creed takes some time off of her TV career to help a Chinese businessman look for the bones of his relatives who were lost in a racist incident during the California Gold Rush. When she discovers bones--along with an ancient artifact, though, Annja's client attempts to kill her. Annja doesn't think the bones are worth that fuss--which means that the artifact--something that appears to be of Sythian design, must be important.

    Annja is not unfamiliar with important artifacts. She is the current carrier of a sword which once belonged to Joan of Arc. This weapon has the handy ability to be summoned from thin air--useful if you're being attacked, which Annja frequently is.

    The Chinese gangster looking for the artifact is also seeking other clues--clues that might lead him to the rediscovery of an ancient city of assassins along the silk road in China. This lost city may be full of treasures, but it may also be subject to ancient curses, including the curse of the Fox Spirit Woman. What he doesn't realize is that he's stirring up a lot of trouble. Annja is a lot more dangerous than he'd anticipated and he also makes an enemy of a Chinese-American CIA assassin. But making an enemy out of Annja comes with one positive result--from his perspective. Annja has powerful enemies including a man who fears his immortality is threatened by Annja's sword.

    Author Alex Archer (see more reviews of novels by Archer) continues his ROGUE ANGEL series with an exciting thriller. CIA Assassin Kelly Swan is an intriguing new character to the series--one I hope we see more of in the future, and the Chinese setting and the Chinese legends underlying this investigation give the story an exotic feel--but also remind us of race problems in American history--problems that are too-frequently ignored in popular history books.

    I've found the ROGUE ANGEL series to be of consistently high quality and FORBIDDEN CITY is definitely a welcome addition. If you enjoy kick-butt female protagonists, non-stop action, magic, exotic locations, and powerful shadowy underworld villains (and who doesn't), you'll definitely want to grab FORBIDDEN CITY.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/17/07

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