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    Review of ROGUE ANGEL: GOD OF THUNDER by Alex Archer (see his Blog)

    GOLD EAGLE, July 2007

    There are items of historical importance, then there are items that are simply important. The sword of Joan of Arc, now carried by Annja Creed, is one such object. Another, if it exists at all, is Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor himself. When Annja's friend Fellini picks up a hint that Mjolnir might actually exist and be hidden in an ancient Latvian town, he sees this as a chance to make his name--to achieve the same kind of success Annja has found. Unfortunately for Fellini, the treasure brings with it the same kind of danger that Annja has had to face--and few are as well prepared to confront danger as Annja.

    The Schluter family has been involved with the Teutonic Knights for generations--and they to remember the legend of the lost hammer. When Fellini mentions his clues, they spring into action, determined to find the treasure before anyone can take it from them. When they learn that Fellini has sent a package to Annja, she too becomes a target. Staying alive in while hunted by multiple mercenaries is tough--but things get tougher when aging Kikka Schluter calls in Garin--the man who believes he has most to gain by Annja's death--his continued immortality.

    Author Alex Archer (seem more reviews of novels by Archer) continues his action-filled ROGUE ANGEL series with a story that spans America and Europe. Archer lightens the tone by introducing a best-selling novelist as a character--who is intrigued by Annja's exploits and quick to hit the dirt in (frequent) times of danger. The strange triangle between Annja, Roux and Garin continues to develop as the three are clearly becoming a family of sorts. Indeed a theme of family runs through this entire novel. Annja's continued conflict with her producer, Doug, adds additional humor and charm.

    GOD OF THUNDER can be read alone. Readers, however, will get more enjoyment if they are familiar with Annja and the history behind her and her sword.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/16/07

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