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    Review of DEADLY STING by Michael Paulson


    Deadly Sting cover Private Detective Deacon Bishop doesn't trust ex-judge Peterson Barrows--especially as Bishop provided the evidence to get him kicked off the bench. Still, the job sounds easy and the money is good. All Bishop needs to do is meet a woman at the airport and report where she goes. Unfortunately for Bishop, he's not very good at following orders--and is way too good at getting involved. Before Bishop knows what hit him, he's involved with terrorists from Chechnya, bee-keepers from an island far from Texas, the familiar but much hated Portello crime family, and the cops who were once his partners but who now want find (or create) the evidence they need to put Bishop behind bars.

    Author Michael Paulson (see more reviews of mysteries by Paulson) continues his hard-boiled Deacon Bishop series with another look at the aging P.I., still lecherous, still out for a buck, still as tough as rawhide, but also still fixated on the goal of bringing some notion of justice into the world. In DEADLY STING, Bishop learns far more about honeybees than he'd ever wanted--what with mobster Dominic Portello becoming a bee-keeper and with a sudden rash of bee-sting-related deaths in Texas.

    Although DEADLY STING stands alone, fans of the series will enjoy the tidbits Paulson drops about what's going on in Rita Portello's life. Bishop, it seems, doesn't know as much about the ladies as he likes to imagine.

    DEADLY STING is a fast-paced adventure--fans of hard-boiled detective fiction will definitely want to grab this one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/18/09

    DEADLY STING is available from for only $3.99. Available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, eReader, Microsoft Reader (zipped), Mobipocket, Sony Reader and ePub formats. Click the Buy Now button to purchase DEADLY STING now (payments processed by PayPal for your security).

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