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    Review of TO KILL A THIEF by Kenneth E. Ingle, August 2010

    To Kill a Thief by Kenneth E. Ingle cover For Devin Brandon it's just another assignment--find who's behind the murder of three top scientists from Dallas firm CAC...or determine that the deaths really are a huge coincidence as the FBI contends. Devin goes undercover as a corporate planner, but it doesn't take him long to realize that he's facing a thief every bit as dedicated, and capable, as Devin himself. Going undercover has its own drawbacks: he's sure one of the administrative assistants was involved in a case he worked while in Naval Intelligence. And falling for the sexy HR manager Teresa Rios is definitely a bad idea, or perhaps the best idea Devin has ever had.

    Devin plays a game of cat and mouse with the elusive thief. Both manipulate software traps, dig into backgrounds and profiles, and call on a wealth of resources to learn the other's identity first. The thief has already killed three times--Devin knows he'll either catch the thief or become victim number four. He will, or perhaps the thief will attack those he's closest to.

    Author Kenneth E. Ingle (see more reviews of novels by Ingle) writes a page-turning thriller with Devin and his friends in constant danger. At stake is an invention that may revolutionize power generation worldwide, with consequences ranging from deep space exploration to averting (or launching) wars in Asia. For Devin, however, the stakes grow increasingly personal as he falls for Teresa, only to learn secrets about this mysterious woman, nicknamed 'the Barracuda' that he really didn't want to know.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/30/10

    TO KILL A THIEF is no longer in print.

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