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    Review of LOSER FRIENDLY by Jake Cassidy


    New Pulp, June 2010

    Jake Cassidy specializes is reposession, when he doesn't specialize in losers. He knows Callie is trouble--she was trouble when they were in a relationship, trouble when he took her on a couple of recoveries that should have been peaceful, and she's trouble now. Callie is always on the make, always looking for a fortune and her latest venture is hooking up with a screenwriter with a dynamite script. The writer, though, has been kidnapped and Callie needs Jake to set him free.

    Jake isn't sure he can trust any of Callie's stories but he also cant' turn her down. As it happens, she might have been telling the truth about the script. Af for the rest of it, there's a very angry gangster who's only too happy to kill to keep the story from ever being shot.

    Author Jake Cassidy writes in a breezy first-person tone informed with a hint of world-weariness reminiscent of Travis McGee. He goes into the adventure knowing it's a mistake, that he can only get himself into more trouble, yet he also knows he has no choice. Cassidy writes believable action, punchy dialogue and intriguing characters. I'm happy to recommend this short novel.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/04/10

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