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    Review of PRIVATE HEAT by Robert Bailey


    M. Evans and Company, 2002

    Private Detective Art Hardin is hired to help in a domestic violence case--a police officer isn't taking his divorce calmly and Hardin has a reputation for not taking the police terribly seriously. He soon learns that the case is a lot more complicated than domestic violence. The woman is involved in a multimillion dollar Mafia deal--and the money has gone missing. The Mafia has hired former Russian intelligence agents to do their dirty work and Hardin looks to be the one that will get hurt.

    Author Robert Bailey delivers an action-packed thriller. Hardin is a fine wise-cracking hero, ready to take on the police or anyone else for his client and his pride. With help from sidekick and camera wizz Ron Craig, Hardin quickly learns that there are dirty cops in on the Mafia deal--and that he's been set up to take the fall. The cops don't count on Hardin's bull-headed willingness to stick to the job--but when they learn, they're even more anxious that he be taken out of the picture.

    PRIVATE HEAT was occasionally too complicated, with too many corrupt officials and too many tough-guy acts on the part of Hardin, but only occasionally. For the most part, this was a fine and exciting novel. A real page turner and hard to put down.

    Three Stars

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