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    Review of THE ENCHANTMENT by Pam Binder

    Sonnet Books, September 2001

    When a kilted scotsman drops into her antique shop with crazy words about the 'peacemaker,' Eilan Dougan does what any woman would do--calls the cops. But she can't keep her mind off the handsome scotsman--or forget that she has long been nicknamed peacemaker. When he promises to take her back in time and to cure the inoperable tumor that is slowly killing her, Eilan agrees to the venture--mad though it may seem.

    Conor McCloud has returned from a crusade only to find that his uncle has usurped his castle and is conducting a literal witch hunt. Although Conor has fought against magics of all kinds, he promises a dying friend that he'll seek out the peacemaker and bring peace to his land. He doesn't count on falling in love with a witch, but that is exactly what happens. Back in the 14th century, the two must find a way to bring love where hate is now dominant.

    Author Pam Binder combines time travel with a Scotland/Medieval historical to deliver the classic alpha male to his centuries-separated true love. Readers will want to overlook several huge anachronisms (exactly how many crusades was Conor returning from, where was Turkey during the 14th century if Conor spent time there when the Byzantines still ruled much of Anatolia, and how is Conor so familiar with new world foods) but may find it harder to accept Binder's decision to hide most of the peacemaking from the reader. For me, at least, the huge problems that required magic beyond time seemed suddenly to vanish.

    Two Stars

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