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    Review of EXPLAINING HERSELF by Yvonne Jocks

    Leisure Historical Romance, May 2002

    Ross Lawrence lives for the day that he can find the man who betrayed his sister and lynched his father and brother. That happened when he was a boy. Now he is a man, more dangerous than any lynch mob in Wyoming history. When her father hires Ross as a range detective, Victoria Garrison is intrigued. She has dreamed of being a star reporter rather than merely a typesetter and Ross seems like the perfect story. He is, well, dangerous, but in a wonderful and, to Victoria, inexplicable way. The attraction blooms into something close to love, but Ross knows that he cannot love--especially as Victoria's father or brother might have been involved with the lynch mob--might have been the one who betrayed his sister.

    Author Yvonne Jocks has created a pair of wonderful characters in Victoria and Ross. Victoria, in particular, is a funny, but completely convincing mix of innocence and sensual delight. Her insatiable curiosity and unselfconscious chattiness makes for a delightful counterpoint to the silent and damaged Ross. Yet their attraction seems doomed. Even if Ross could put aside the revenge he's lived his entire life for, what could an outlaw and gunman offer to the richest man in Sherman Wyoming's daughter?

    Four Stars

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