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    Review of FAKING IT by Jennifer Crusie (see her website)

    St. Martin's Press, August 2002

    Davy Dempsey conned his million dollars fair and square--so when his financial advisor cheats him out of it, Davy decides to get it back. When he meets a woman in the closet of his victim's home, he doesn't know if it's fate or bad luck, but Davy finds himself caught up in the world of art fraudery, faked orgasms, and women who can't decide which person they really are. It's confusing for Davy, but then, he's a con man. He's sure a little thing like love will never get in his way. Besides, he likes blondes.

    Matilda (Tilda) Goodnight will do anything to protect her family and the art gallery that preserves her family's century-old dedication to art. If that means stealing a painting her niece accidentally sold, she's willing to make the sacrifice. When she finds herself in a closet with a strange burgular, kissing him seems the thing to do. But stealing one forged painting isn't enough. Soon she and Davy are caught up in an attempt to con paintings from everyone who ever bought a Scarlet Hodge painting--because Scarlet was a fraud too. And Matilda is knows that if she's caught, her family will suffer.

    The relationship between a con-man and an art forger is bound to have its difficulties. What Davy and Tilda soon learn is that they cannot really let go, can't really achieve the great sex they want, until they can be honest with one another. But honesty is hardly the easiest thing for someone from either of their backgrounds. Until they find their way to trust, though, both Davy and Tilda will merely be FAKING IT.

    After a fairly flat start, author Jennifer Crusie (see more reviews of novels by this author) turns up the heat and delivers a sexy, funny, and emotionally rewarding novel. Davy is a charming con-man who means to be good but whose whole life was based on knowing who was the mark. The Goodnight family is a wonderfully disfunctional mess.

    FAKING IT has moments of laugh-out-loud humor, some charming insights into humanity, and a set of characters that will stick with you and seem far more real than some of your co-workers. Give FAKING IT a chance and stick with it through the first hundred pages--it'll reward you and that's no fake.

    Four Stars

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