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    Harlequin Intrigue, 2000

    Maggie Brown's mother is dying and her last wish is to be with her two daughters. So Maggie heads to San Pablo where her sister has taken up with a revolutionary to bring her back. She doesn't think it will be easy--with her wild sister, things never are easy. Still, she doesn't expect to have to put up with professional killers, or a soldier-of-fortune bad boy like Ben Frazer.

    San Pablo finally has a chance to get rid of its corrupt dictator and Frazer isn't going to let anything, or anyone, get in the way. This includes way-too-attractive Maggie Brown who has a way of walking into trouble and making things worse. She may be a conservative banker back home in Philadelphia, but for Frazer's money, she's a loose cannon--both for his country and for his emotional health. When Frazer learns that a professional assassin is after San Pablo's president-elect, he knows he won't be able to protect the 'Professor' and Maggie--and that Maggie will never forgive him for his choice.

    Author Anne Stuart is a favorite among romance readers who enjoy gothic/woman in jeopardy and dangerous heros, and THE FALL OF MAGGIE BROWN shows why. In this short novel (186 pages), Stuart weaves an emotionally fulfilling and exciting story.

    This novel is one of the two books available as part of Harlequin's e-Harlequin program and is free of charge (including free shipping) and without any obligation or need to give credit card information. Follow the links below to register for e-Harlequin and receive your free books.

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    Three Stars

    This novel is available, free, directly from e-Harlequin. Follow this link to register. I did--there's no obligation and they don't send more books that you have to return or anything. It's a great offer (and gets a buck if you register after following the link.

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