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    FATHER TO BE by Marilyn Pappano

    Bantam Books, September, 1999

    Two years after the death of his wife, J.D. Grayson is still recovering. His own son abandoned him. The only thing he needs less than four needy children is a social worker with long legs and a heart that he yearns to make his own. An apparent angel has other ideas--she sees that J.D. needs both the children and a woman to love.

    Kelsey Malone can't get involved with a man who has custody of children under her professional supervision. His fundamental goodness and the fact that he is loved by his entire community can't take away from her professional duties. Still, she is irresistably drawn to him. When Caleb, the oldest child under J.D.'s supervision accuses J.D. of abuse, Kelsey knows she must sacrifice her love and her hopes for the future.

    Marilyn Pappano has written a moving novel of redemption at the hands of children that are far from perfect, yet reflect the very real feelings and fears that children have. J.D. fights devils that can only be banished by a woman's love, but Kelsey too needs the kindness of a man to free her from her nightmares. Four Stars.

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