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    Review of HALF A RANCH by Robyn Anders, 2000

    Half a Ranch by Robyn Anders cover When her aunt dies, Mindy Russell heads to the ranch in west Texas that was her aunt's final home. Aunt Lucy had been a character--once married to a Texas millionaire, she had tweeked social conventions, enjoyed life to the fullest, and, according to family legend, kept a gigolo. Mindy hopes that there's enough in the inheritance to pay her way through teaching school. When she arrives, though, she finds that the ranch manager has his own plans for the ranch, and they don't include Mindy taking anything at all. Could handsome Bret Sanders really have stolen her aunt's fortune, leaving her with nothing? And why is he so angry with Mindy?

    Cowboy Bret Sanders was within touch of his dream--a ranch of his own. He's slaved away for years building equity in the ranch, putting up with gossip about being a gigolo, and supporting Lucy as cancer ravaged her. Now, Mindy Russell thinks she's just going to walk in and take everything. Not if he has anything to say about it--and he plans on saying a lot. Unfortunately, there are plenty of vultures watching Mindy and hoping they'll be able to pick up the sweetest ranch in west Texas out of the wreckage that Mindy is making of it.

    Author Robyn Anders (see more reviews of novels by Anders) throws together two people with opposing goals and an undeniable attraction and lets them squirm as they try to resolve the impossible situation. Brett makes an outstanding alpha hero, dark, brooding, and injured. Mindy is the perfect woman to help him overcome his injuries, but only if she can avoid hurting him even more. Because Brett isn't going to give up on his dreams no matter who gets in his way.

    This is a sweet contemporary romance.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/25/04

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