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    ONE HANDSOME DEVIL by Rob Preece (see his website)


    One Handsome Devil by Rob Preece Sara Slocum and her friend Katra O'Hara decide to use the old spell book they find to spell themselves up their perfect boyfriends. They don't really expect anything and they certainly don't expect a full-fledged demon brought up from Hell itself. When Jack appears, the two women are initially convinced that this is a prank. Yet Jack's powers are indisputable--and they have no way to send him back. Sara uses her spell book to find ways to bind Jack, to keep him from doing harm. Yet as she does, she can't fight the attraction he holds for her. Could the spell really have worked and sent her her true love--or does she risk more than her heart?

    Author Rob Preece (see more reviews of novels by Preece) delivers a sexy story of challenge and redemption. This novel delivers plenty of sexy action, a touch of humor, and an emotionally deep narrative. For those who aren't offended by the use of a demon as a romantic interest, ONE HANDSOME DEVIL delivers a real punch.

    Four Stars

    See Romance Junkie's Review (They call it a masterpiece).

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