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    Review of HOMETOWN REUNION by Cynthia Scott

    Avalon Books, August 2002

    In high school, nerdy Glenn Stark was the bane of Christi Pierce's existence. Fifteen years later, however, it's a different story. Glenn, now a gorgeous hunk, is back in Miracle, Oklahoma and ready to start a new chapter in his ultra-successful life. Christi is back, too--with shattered dreams and doubts about her life's decisions. Neither is ready for romance with a former nemesis, but they can't fight the tidal wave of longing that surges between them.

    In this charming romance, Ms. Scott's (see also other reviews of novels by this author) endearing characters face their uncertainties with humor and humanity. The quirks of small-town life come alive in Miracle as Christi and Glenn wend their way around the various landmines of family, friends, careers and gossip to finally end up in each other's arms.

    Four Stars

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