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    ONE HOT TEXAN by Jane Sullivan


    Harlequin, November 2001

    Cole McCallum needs a wife--by tomorrow. If he can get married and stay married for six months, he'll inherit his grandmother's ranch and make enough money to get his development business back off the ground. Although Ginny White isn't the type of woman he's usually attracted to, she needs money and he's short on time. A six month business proposition looks like a win-win.

    Ginny White has never kissed a man. Haunted by her late mother's condemnation of anything male or fun, Ginny is stepping out for the first time, actually visiting a bar for the first time when she sees Cole. She remembers him from high school but it takes three beers (her first ever) before she can summon the courage to talk to him. His business proposition solves a lot of problems for her and it isn't like she has any boyfriends to be disappointed in her.

    The tacky Las Vegas wedding is a shock to Ginny. Even more of a shock is Cole's expectation that they have sex. Ginny might want to banish her mother's haunting voice, but that doesn't mean she didn't learn anything. She has too much respect for herself treat sex as a pure bodily function. To Cole's surprise, Ginny's refusal makes him see her in a new light. He wants her in a way he's never felt with another woman. It's going to be a rough six months.

    Although both Cole and Ginny soon develop feelings for one another, each must deal with their own issues. Ginny must put her mother's voice and her self-effacing shyness behind her. Cole must learn to trust, to give up his fear of abandonment. Yet how can either meet their needs when each knows their marriage is a six-month affair?

    Jane Sullivan (see all reviews of novels by this author) switches from the the pure humor of her Harlequin Duets titles (see our reviews of STRAY HEARTS and THE MATCHMAKER'S MISTAKE) and the more sophisticated humor of I GOT YOU BABE (written as Jane Graves) see our review to a more traditional Harlequin plot line (based on the 'Terms of the Will' device). Sullivan cranks up the sexual tension but retains the high-quality writing and traces of the whimsical humor that characterizes her works. ONE HOT TEXAN is a joy to read.

    Four Stars

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