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    JUST A LITTLE DANGEROUS by Linda Castillo

    Silhouette Intimate Moments #1145, April 2002

    It's just another routine job, Deputy Sheriff Jake Madigan tells himself. Track the escaping convict down, bring her back, and get on with his life. So what if she's a beauty who looks like anything but a killer--he's been fooled by women before and he isn't going to let that happen again. Abby Nichols has escaped from prison after barely surviving an attack--she's going to stay out and clear her name if it kills her, and nobody, especially not some hunky cop, is going to stop her. Except Jake is something like a force of nature and doesn't give up. But in the Colorado mountains, there are other forces of nature--forces that keep Abby and Jake together for longer than either of them intended, or wanted. Jake starts to believe Abby's story about an organ-stealing doctor and a frame. But will either of them be alive for long enough for that to make a difference? Even if they do, can both really be expected to love again?

    Author Linda Castillo (see also other reviews of novels by this author) combines heart-pounding suspense with powerful romance to deliver an exciting novel. Jake is a wonderfully damaged hero while Abby is his perfect match. A sniper in the woods makes the 'snowed into the cabin' plot device work and a truly nasty villain manages to be convincing and dangerous at the same time. A highly enjoyable romantic adventure.

    Four Stars

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