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    JUST KISS ME by Kathleen O'Reilly (see her website)


    Amanda Sedgewick is a young lawyer with a great career in front of her and a rich and handsome doctor who loves her. Isn't life great? Except when she looks ahead, all she sees is boredom. Yet how can she escape Avery Barrington--the man who swore he'd marry her when they were both children and who has never swerved from that goal? Amanda's plan is simple--she'll tell Avery that she loves his brother Joe. Which shouldn't be too bad since Joe is about as hot, spontaneous, and unboring as anyone she knows.

    Joe Barrington knows which of the brothers is successful, and it's not him. Admittedly he has the hots for Amanda--what male wouldn't--but he doesn't want to ruin his brother's life, nor play with a fire that can ony burn him. He knows that he isn't in Amanda's league. Still, when she insists that they date and that she has no other way to get rid of his brother--whom she really doesn't want--Joe decides to do what's best for both his brother and Amanda. If he has a little fun on the side, that's a nice bonus.

    It doesn't take Amanda long to discover that there's more to Joe than good looks and escape from Avery. Joe sets all of her senses ablaze. Yet he's holding back something. Unless he can come to terms with his own value and stop worrying about competing with his brother--and with Amanda--they'll never have a chance at real love.

    Author Kathleen O'Reilly (see more reviews of novels by O'Reilly) delivers a sexy story. Both Amanda and Joe are compelling characters and even Avery is drawn affectionately.

    Four Stars

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