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    JUST A LITTLE SEX by Miranda Lee

    HARLEQUIN BLAZE # 9, October 2001

    Zoe Simons has it made--a good job and a decent looking boyfriend. So what if Drake can't send her to the peaks of passion, it's probably her fault. Even when Drake admits to having sex with another woman, Zoe knows she'll forgive him--but she does need some time alone. Except she can't keep her eyes, or her mind, off of the sexy surfer who lives next door to the hideaway where she goes to recover from Drake's infidelity.

    Aiden Mitchell has had it with women--after a one-night-stand took him to court and sued him for millions. Yet Zoe hits him at a level below reason. When she agrees to a relationship that is just sex, he feels strangely disappointed. He is a man, after all. Surely that should be plenty. And the sex is plenty--Zoe may be inexperienced, but she has an active imagination and is willing to do everything she can imagine. But Zoe has been hurt too. After Drake's betrayal, she doesn't dare commit her heart to anyone, let alone a heart-breaker like Aiden.

    Author Miranda Lee writes a sexy romp of a novel set in sizzling Australia. Category readers may find the slow start a little surprising (Zoe doesn't actually meet Aiden until page 55), but Lee revs up the pace after that. Depending on the reader's inclination, she'll either want to shake Zoe for being so blind, or find herself wonderfully sympathetic for a woman who grew up thinking herself an ugly duckling and who can only complete the transformation to beautiful swan when she dares take a chance on Aiden's love.

    Three Stars

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