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    KEEPING CAROLINE by Vickie Taylor

    Silhouette Intimate Moments #1140, March 2002

    Since he lost his son, K-9 cop and hostage negotiator Matt Burkett has withdrawn into himself, thrusting away his wife Caroline and any hope she might have had about having another child. After watching her husband become a stranger, Caroline returns to her roots--with a secret. Despite the precautions that Matt insisted upon, he is now a father again. When Matt shows up with divorce papers, he is forced to confront the dangers of living again--but is his love for Caroline merely Matt's overdeveloped sense of responsibility, or does he really love her enough to try again. When danger threatens his family, Matt is finally forced to chose between life and death.

    Author Vickie Taylor has written a powerfully compelling novel of emotion and redemption. Both Matt and Caroline have made terrible mistakes, refusing to confide some of the most important events of their lives in one another. Taylor avoids the temptation to whitewash Caroline's behavior having wise friend Savanah confront Caroline with her own fears--including the question of whether Matt isn't the only one who blames himself for their son's death. Taylor details the events that force Matt to step up to his life more tightly than those facing Caroline, yet clearly both must grow, must transform themselves, and must learn to trust one another before they can take another chance at love.

    Four Stars

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